82 Family Letters to the Western Family of Lovers and Followers of Meher Baba (English)

Author: Mani S. Irani


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Baba’s sister, Mani’s letters written in lively language and with an observant eye, which paints a bright, intimate picture of Meher Baba’s activities from 1956 to 1969: stories of devotees’ first meetings with Baba; the great outpourings of love that flowed continually to the thousands who contacted Him; His radiance during even the most strenuous darshans; the unforgettable sight of Baba bowing down to the feet of the “untouchable” poor and the lepers; the tales of unwavering faith in Baba’s name; and the routines of daily life for Baba and his mandali. Paperback 366 pages. Published in 1976.

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