The Divine Humanity-Avatar Meher Baba Vol. II (English)

Author: Bill Le Page


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The second book in a series by Bill Le Page (the first book is out of print) about families in India whose lives were closely tied to Meher Baba. Meherwan Jessawala continues his family’s story from 1963-1969. Other stories include: the story of Ramchandra Gadekar, one of Baba’s earliest disciples; Roshan Kerawalla tells her own story; the story of Bhagirath Tigiri, who began following Baba at age 10, has been translated into English; and the story of Kirkpatrick, a poor Irishman living in India. These are wonderful stories of families and individuals uniquely fortunate in their relationships with the Avatar. Published 2004. Paperback 188 pages.

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