From Baily’s Memoirs (English)

Author: Baily J. Irani


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Baily Jamshed Irani was amongst the early followers of Avatar Meher Baba. He was Baba’s childhood friend, born in the same hospital and ward a few days after Baba’s birth. He was very intimately associated with Baba in the early days prior to Baba’s unveiling as the Avatar by Hazrat Babajan, and also a few years thereafter. By nature Baily was arrogant, headstrong and argumentative. Hence, time and again, Baily was in and out of Baba’s circle of disciples , of his own volition. Baily, by his own admission, was not an exemplary disciple.

At the age of 71, he wrote his memoirs in a unique style. The 48 pages are a fascinating read unearthing some of the hitherto unknown episodes in Beloved Meher Baba’s early life.

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