Meher Prabhu Charitam / మెహర్ ప్రభుచరితము / Lord Meher Biography-Vol. I (Telugu)

Author: Bhau Kalchuri


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This beautifully scribed biography of Avatar Meher Baba, written by close disciple Bhau Kalchuri, begins from the year 1894 as Volume 1.

“The earthly life of the Avatar is utterly beyond conception, for who can have any idea of His inner working and universal activity?  Still, by His strolling about in the compound of this world and by His outer work and activity, the Song of Wine rises up to link the singer with Infinity and inspire him to cross the seas of Maya – Illusion.” – Bhau Kalchuri

Included are the fascinating stories of the Five Perfect Masters (Sadgurus) of the Age, and their mission to bring down God into Human Form, (who became known as Avatar Meher Baba):

  • Hazrat Babajan
  • Narayan Maharaj
  • Tajuddin Baba
  • Sai Baba (of Shirdi)
  • Upasni Maharaj

Also featured are stories of Meher Baba’s youth, tales of his mother, Shireen and of His father, Sheriar:

“There was no one else like him on earth.  He was unique. He did not know fear.  He was matchless.  He was a monarch in a dervish robe.” – Bhau Kalchuri (wrote about Sheriar).


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