The Talks of Sadguru Upasani-Baba Maharaj (6 Volumes) – (English)

Author: Upasani Maharaj


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Discourses of Sadguru (Perfect Master) Upasani (also spelled: Upasni) Maharaj taken down from his talks in the 1920’s  A rare book published by the Perfect One of our time, who had the inner awareness of his God-hood. Upasani was one of the five Perfect Masters of our time who assisted Merwan Sheriar Irani in His journey in unveiling Himself as the Ancient One, the Avatar, the Christ of our Age: Avatar Meher Baba. 
Upasani Maharaj’s ashram is located in Sakori, Maharashtra State, in India nearby to another of Avatar Meher Baba’s five Perfect Masters, Sai Baba of Shirdi.
(Set of 6 hardback volumes)

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