That’s How It Was (English)

Author: Eruch Jessawala




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Eruch Jessawala’s stories of Meher Baba have enthralled listeners in Mandali Hall at Meherazad for more than 25 years. Now in one volume are collected the best of those stories, including the contents of two earlier books, Is That So? and Determined To Be His, and more than 150 pages of new stories and perceptions, all of them tightly focused on following, loving, and obeying the Avatar.

Eruch was a young man when he and his family went to live with Meher Baba.  In the ensuring years, Eruch served his master in many ways, talking to people, answering letters, serving as translator of Meher Baba’s gestures.  From those years of intimacy now flows a seemingly endless supply of stories – some humorous, some serious, some with pointed messages.  That’s How It Was gathers up these treasures and dispenses them with the same flavor as a few hours on a Saturday afternoon in Mandali Hall.

Published 1995. Reprinted 2017; now includes original introductions to Is That So? and Determined to Be His and an updated bibliography. 412 pages.

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